You can join us in person, by telephone or mail to register for a tour / event. With your registration you close a contract with us. This agreement is by accepting the booking confirmation (written or oral) binding.



For the scope of contractual services, please see the booking confirmation. In the absence of written confirmation is cited in the prospectus scope and price.


Cancellation by the Customer

You can always withdraw from the event. In your own interest, and to avoid misunderstandings, we suggest to declare the withdrawal in writing. To 8 days before the scheduled date no cancellation fees. From the 7th Days before the scheduled date falls on 30% cancellation fee. For not appearing at the event, the amount to 100% cancellation charges.


Unused services

If the event participants booked services - for whatever reason - does not claim, so basically there is no refund of the price. With timely notification of hardship (illness, accident, etc.) that lead to the non-appearance of the tour, it is in our sole discretion, to award certificates to the individual services. If the event participants at the agreed time, the tour does not apply or not in time, is not entitled to any refund of the price.



For any change of the services the customer bears the costs.


Resignation and termination by the organizer

We can withdraw from the contract if the participant holding the event / tour lasting regardless of our agreements or interfere if he violates the contract to such an extent, that the immediate termination of the contract is justified. If a participant is not grown due to a miscalculation of its performance of a tour, the same applies. We cancel the contract back to a week before departure, if an advertised or officially determined minimum number of participants is not reached.


Cancellation due to force majeure

The tour will be much more difficult due to unforeseeable force majeure, endangered, or impair the security of the customer is no longer guaranteed, so you can check for any possible time after installation or proposal of an equivalent replacement program, both you and we contract kündigen.Bei notice prior to departure for the above reasons will be refunded the price paid. Another entitlement. Results in the aforementioned reasons after the tour, the contract may also be terminated by either party. If the contract is terminated, we may request for the services already provided adequate compensation.


Terms and Conditions

The activities of good health and good physical condition is a prerequisite. The participant undertakes to inform the organizer about health problems in knowledge. For all activities that are associated with water such as canyoning and rafting, all participants must have sufficient swimming skills verfügen.Die part in an activity under the influence of alcohol and drugs, psychotropic drugs, or the like is not erlaubt.Es is the obligation of the customer to be to keep the terms and conditions and follow the instructions of the organizer, the guides and assistants strictly. Disregarding the participant may be excluded from the activity. Excluding prior to the activity subject to the cancellation policy. If the disqualification after the start of the activity, the customer has no right to reimbursement.


Liability, limitation of liability

We provide the services contracted with the diligence of a prudent businessman. In all things, participation at their own risk, the Promoter accepts no responsibility or liability for we intent or gross negligence. The fee includes instruction and guidance only. We limit our liability - for whatever legal reason - to three times the price. We are not responsible for disruptions in connection with services that are arranged as external services from us only. Here, the travel conditions of the organizer are valid.


Duty to Cooperate

You are obliged to assist in impairment of performance in accordance with legal provisions, to avoid damage or minimize. They are particularly committed to your complaints immediately on site or our staff for information about bringen.Wir and our staff will do our best to respond to this complaint, if possible. Omit it culpably show a defect, occurs not entitled to price reduction or compensation.


Ineffectiveness of individual provisions

Or is one of the provisions of the travel contract wholly or partly invalid, this does not invalidate the entire travel contract. Rather, we are entitled to replace the invalid provision with a valid provision that meets the purpose of the invalid provision broadest.


Exclusion of claims and limitation

All claims based on improper performance of the trip you make within one month after the contractual end of the trip Sehner be asserted against us. After the deadline, you can claim compensation if you have been prevented from meeting the deadline. All of your claims from the travel contract are limited to 6 Monaten.Die period begins with the day on which the event was to end the contract. You have made such a claim, the limitation period is suspended until the date on which we reject the claim in writing.


Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

Between the customer and the organizer The law of the Republic of Austria is applicable.

Jurisdiction is Lienz in East Tyrol.






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